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 Kusanagi Kei

Kei has a very strange illness supposedly the only one in the world where he will withdrawal or ďteitaiĒ he goes into a coma like state. Kei can be very shy. His grades arenít the best.

 Kazami Mizuho

Mizuho is a half human half alien from a organization called the gingarenmen it is her job to observe under developed planets to make sure they progress the right way. On earth Mizuho pretends to be a teacher for Keiís class. She is constantly eating pochy because it reminds her of her father.

 Koishi Herikawa

Herikawa is one of Keiís friends and is in his class. Her parents own a store and so she sometimes makes deliveries for them. Herikawa has a major crush on Kei but is to shy to tell him.

 Magumo Hyuosuke

Is one of Keiís best friends. He is very outspoken and loud. Hyosuke loves making himself the center of attention. He has a crush on Mizuho but then again he just likes pretty girls.

 Morino Ichigo

Ichigo is Keiís class president. She is very short for her age and is always looking down. She is very soft spoken and very mysterious. Though she is friends with Herikawa and Kaede she isnít very close to anyone.

 Shidoh Matagu

One of Keiís friends and classmates. Matagu loves everything to do with space and it is his dream to one day meet an alien. He has a crush on Mizuho.

 Misumi Kaede

Kaede is a sweet shy friend of Keiís. She has a crush on Hyosuke.


Marie is the main computer for Mizuhoís spacecraft and is adorable! Marie was damaged by Kei and sometimes does not follow Mizuhoís orders or gets them wrong.