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School break has started and Kei is worried about his relationship with Mizuho not moving forward. He goes to embrace her on the deck but it isnít her! She ask if heís Kei and Mizuho returns , Kei freaks out but Mizuho only says ďMotherĒ

Opening Credits

Minoru is very surprised to meet Mizuhoís mother. Minoru asks if she knows about Kei and Hazuho says she understands. She asks how Mizuho feels about Kei and she says that of course she feels for Kei. Suddenly the door slams open and a little girl enter yelling that sheíll never allow it. Mizuho says that itís Maho her sister. She thinks that Minoru is her husband but is horrified when she finds out itís Kei. She says thatís impossible for him to ever make Mizuho happy. She threatens to kill him if he ever got with Mizuho.

Mizuho apologizes to Kei about how their summer break isnít just the two of them anymore. Kei sees a little creature just like Marie but it is really Mirurur Mahoís computer. She tries to kill Kei and Mizuho yells at Maho Kei leaves.

Kei is sitting by a stream when he sees Herikawa and the others, Hyosuke is not with them. They tell Kei that Hyosuke has been acting weird since summer break and wonít come out of his room. Kei says heíll go visit him later to see whatís wrong. Kei sees Maho and quickly leaves before she sees her.

Kei visits Hyosuke, he asks him whatís wrong. Hyosuke told him the night he went in the wrong room in the hotel Misumi told him she loved him and they had sex. Hyosuke didnít know what to do.

Kei has to stay at Minoruís place for the night because Maho kicked him out. Maho seems surprised that Kei hasnít told Mizuho he loved her yet. Mizuho who couldnít sleep called Kei.

The next day Kei drags Hyosuke to Misumiís place, but Hyosuke wonít go. He and Kei fight that Hyosuke has to tell Misumi how he feels. Hyosuke eventually agrees that Kei is right, and they both agree to tell the person their feelings.

Misumi is sitting on her deck and Hyosuke tells her his feelings, but that it would be hard for them because he wants to leave the valley and she wants to stay.

Mizuho and Kei are walking home and Kei holds Mizuhoís hand, he tells her he likes her. She tells him she feels the same. Kei goes to kiss Mizuho but Maho interrupts them. Maho tells Mizuho that she saw him hugging Hyosuke. Mizuho tells Maho that she knows Kei isnít gay. But Maho is to angry she tries to send Kei to another dimension. But Miriru isnít listening because she is with Marie.

End Credits.