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A girl on a beach dreams about meeting her true love, she sees Kei. Kei and Mizuho are on a beach. Mizuho says that the must thank Minoru and Konoha for giving them this honeymoon. Mizuho tells Kei he doesn’t have to be so secretive about their relationship here.


Kei and Mizuho are enjoying their day on the beach. While driving home they see Yamada sensei from school, and the others. Kei-kun sneaks out of the car so they can’t see him. Kei is hiding behind a bank but Ichigo finds him. Kei tells them that he is here with Minoru. Hyosuke asks Kei and Mizuho to stay with them but Mizuho says she has things to do. Later that night they are on their way to their room, and Mizuho apologizes for leaving him. They decide to go out, but on their way see Hyosuke and the others. Hyosuke invites Kei to go to the pool and Yamada to go to dinner with Mizuho.

At the pool Herikawa asks Kei about her bathing suit. From the pool the see Mizuho and Yamada eating dinner. At dinner all Yamada talks about is airplanes.

Hyosuke drags Kei along with them to his room. Mizuho is worried about what will happen when Kei comes back, Kei is worried about what will happen when he gets back.

Herikawa asks Kei to go shopping with her. After they leave everyone decides to go to bed. they all take the wrong key cards.

On the way back from shopping Herikawa said she wanted to walk with Kei, and asked him to let her find out weather or not she liked him.

Hyosuke gets into Misumi’s bed on accident, she wakes up and kisses him.
In Mizuho’s room a man climb into bed with her, when she realizes it’s not Kei she screams. Kei hears her and runs to her. Mizuho tells Kei what happened ands he seems relived that nothing else happened.

Mizuho gets mad at him and runs for the beach. Kei asks if Mizuho is all right. and Kei tells her that he was worried about what would happen if he went back to their room. They go to kiss and the girl from the beginning of the episode cries No! Mizuho asks if Kei knows that girl he says no but she doesn’t believe him. She walks off mad.

End Credits.