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Kei is watching TV and Mizuho is grading papers. Kei thinks about how different Mizuho is from when sheís at school. Mizuho tells Kei that his grades are bad and that he needs to improve on them. Kei thinks about how after you marry you learn things about your spouse you never knew.


Mizuho picks Kei out in class for not paying attention. Later Hyosuke picks on him for it. Kei says that heís one to talk and Hyosuke showed everyone his test, his mark was 97. The other go on about how it a miracle and Hyosuke tell them itís because of Mizuho. Herikawa offers to help and Kei and Mizuho sees them talking.

On their way home the boys talk about how they should have failed the test so Mizuho would be able to have a personal talk with Mizuho. When Kei gets home there is a message from Mizuho saying that she has a teachers meeting and will be late. That he should go to Minoruís for supper.

While eating at Minoruís the phone rings and Kei answers it. Itís Herikawa, she invites Kei to the movies for Sunday (the day Kei and Mizuho are supposed to study together) Kei accepts anyway and gets heat from Minoru and Konoha for ditching Mizuho.

Kei awaits for Mizuho When Mizuho returns sheís drunk. She says she was dragged into it by the other teachers. Kei tells her she shouldnít drink if she canít handle it Kei and Mizuho have a fight about the way Mizuho treats her. He decides to sleep in the spare room.

The next day Herikawa comes to pick up Kei and tells him that the others canít come. Mizuho sees the two of them leave together. Mizuho follows them incognito.

the two go to the theatre but thereís time before the next movie so they decide to walk around first. Mizuho follows them. In the theater Herikawa puts her hand on Keiís Mizuho coughs loudly and the freak out. Outside the theater Icihgo is waiting with a camera to photograph Kei and Herikawa. Mizuho comes out first and Ichigo says it looks like Mizuho. Mizuho contemplates what sheís doing there when she turns around she runs into Kei. Mizuho says she had to see the movie. Kei says she looks like sheís following some one. Mizuho confesses that she was following them because Kei was sick. Kei gets mad and leaves.

Kei is looking at the water Mizuho comes. They fight over how she thinks heís only a kid. She says she doesnít believe that at all. Kei withdrawals. When Kei wakes up it is night time. He is lying on a bench and Mizuho is beside him. She is happy heís awake. Mizuho apologizes for following him but says it was because she was lonely. , Kei leans in to kiss her but she turns away. When he asks why she says itís because se kissed him while he was withdrawn. They both confess that it was their first kiss and decide to go home

End Credits.