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 Episode Three: Maybe We shouldn't Sensei

Kei is sitting at a desk staring at paper work while Mizuho is showering. He seems reluctant to sign, Mizuho comes out of the shower and Kei is so surprised he signs. Mizuho and Kei are now married.

Opening Credits

In the principals office Kei and Mizuho are told that they should keep their marriage a secret. The Principal says he understands as he married a student.

In the classroom Hyosuke and the others are talking about how strange Kei has been acting lately.

On his way home Minoru tells him that he must live with Mizuho in case the principal comes to check on them.

When he gets home Mizuho is waiting from him in a wedding dress. Konoha says that since the paper work was so bland it would be a good idea if they have a little ceremony. Minoru gives Kei a ring to give Mizuho, he place's it on her hand, and they go to kiss when, Kei hears Hyosuke called for him from outside.

Hyosuke says that no one must be home and they decide to look for Mizuho's house which they know is nearby. Konoha and Minoru decide to leave. Kei hides out on Mizuho's balcony and tells Mizuho to change. Hyosuke and the other knock on Mizuho's door. She answers it wearing her bridal tiara, when Herikawa asks her about it she shrugs it off. Mizuho invites them in for tea and pochy. As they try to explore the house Mizuho scrambles to keep them from looking. Hyosuke tries to go out on the balcony but she tries to stop him he doesn’t listen. When Hyosuke goes outside Kei isn't there, Hyosuke sees a helicopter and tries to attract it's attention. Mizuho looks down and sees Kei hanging from the balcony

Kei falls and the other ask what the sound is. Kei looks over to see a dog which begins attacking him. Herikawa asks that the noise is and Mizuho says it is her neighbors playing with their dogs. Herikawa asks Mizuho if she's seen Kei and she denies it.

While the gang is leaving they see Kei in his bed room widow. They ash him where he's been and he said looking for UFO's.

On Mizuho's ship she heals Kei's dog bites. Mizuho asks Kei if he regrets meeting her and he says no. They decide to sleep together and Mizuho decides to call Kei, Kei. They go to kiss but Marie freaks out and transport them to the ship, Mizuho asks Marie to set the ship back to default but she won't listen, Kei and Mizuho decide to control it manually.

The next morning when Kei is going to school he passes Minoru who asks if he got any sleep last night. Kei says no and adds that it's not what Minoru's thinking of. Minoru says that's it's not that it's that he hasn't withdrawn. Kei runs off to school and Konoha tells Mizuho to take care of Kei.

End Credits.