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 Episode Two: Already the Forbidden Son-in-law

Everyone is class is talking about the UFO they saw last night, Ichigo says that a new Teacher and a UFO seems like a coincidence. Hyosuke looks very depressed because he didn't see the UFO. When Mizuho enters Hyosuke asks her is she saw the UFO. She shrugs it off.

Opening Credits.

During Gym class Hyosuke tries to get the attention of the passing news helicopters. As Kei gets black to his class he wonders what he is going to do about the situation with Mizuho in the bath tub last night.

Kei, Minoru, Mizuho and Minoru's wife are sitting in the living room and Minoru demands Kei tells him why he was in the bath tub with Mizuho. HE wants to tell them the truth but Mizuho won't let him. So he tells them that he was helping Mizuho move her things and she wanted to take a bath but the water wasn't working so he offered for her to use their bath tub and the slipped into it. Minoru can tell he was lying. They ask Kei is he and Mizuho are dating and he says no. They decide that it's late and they should just leave it like this.

Mizuho is in the staff room watching the news and eating pochy she worried that they will discover her. She decides to take a walk.

While everyone is eating lunch Kei decides he's not hungry and goes for a walk. Kei is still worried about what to tell his uncle. When he realizes that he is in the equipment room and that Mizuho has brought hum there.

She tells him there is something she must talk to him about. She tells him where she is from and her mission to observe earth students. Two girls come in to put away equipment and Mizuho and Kei hide from them. When they leave they lock the door, Mizuho says it's not a problem and tells Marie to transport them but instead of Marie transporting them out Marie transports in. Mizuho says that Marie has been acting strange since last night. Mizuho says that it looks like they're stuck in there.

Mizuho apologizes to Kei and asks him if he's mad, he says no and sees her chest, when Mizuho notices she turns away annoyed and asks Kei what he was looking at. She says that he must be a pervert after all. He says he isn't. She laughs it off.

Kei says that's he's hungry and Mizuho offers him some pochy he asks her if she likes it and she says that id reminds her of her father who was a human.

Herikawa and the other show up at Kei's and ask to see him, Minoru covers for him saying he is asleep and shouldn't be bothered. When they leave Minoru thinks that Kei must be with Mizuho

Kei tells Mizuho that he has a strange illness that causes him to faint like he did last night, he calls it being stuck. He tells her that once he was stuck for three years and that he's really 18, he doesn’t tell anyone because he's afraid they won't accept him. Mizuho asks why he's telling her this and Kei says because she told him her story. Mizuho lays her head on Kei's shoulder and he swears that he won't tell anyone about her. They joke that they should tell Minoru that they're in love. they stare at each other and go to kiss when the door suddenly opens it's Minoru!

Kei asks him how he knew they were here and Minoru says he used to do it. Kei asks him where he got the keys and he said he got the janitor but it was the really the principal. He tells Kei and Mizuho that they will be punished. Minoru says that he shouldn't do anything because they are married. They've been married since before she was teaching Kei. The principal asks how can this be because Kei is only 15 and Kei tells him everything about his illness that he's really 18 and married to Mizuho.

End Credits.