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 Episode 1: Teacher, Teach Me

One night while Kusanagi Kei is laying by a lake he sees a strange UFO crash into the lake when he jumps to his feet he sees a woman appear by the lake side, he runs away screaming but his world goes black.

Opening Credits.

Kei is running thought the forest while the woman is chasing him, he trips and falls into the lake. Kei wakes up on his desk while Herikawa calls to him. She asks him if he is all right and he tells her he was just up a little too late then tells everyone about the weird UFO he saw when Hyosuke bursts into the room saying he has big news. They have a new teacher. Herikawa asks what is so big about that and Hyosuke tells them that the new teacher is a young woman and that she must be beautiful. The door to the class room opens and a woman enters all eyes are upon her except Kei who is staring at the window, when he finally looks over he looks shocked and the woman makes her way to the desk. She begins to introduce herself but is very nervous. She turns around and writes her name on the board : Kazami Mizuho. When she turns to face the class all nervousness is gone. Hyosuke jumps up yelling she is great and all the classmates agree with him, Mizuho tries to calm them down.

While Kei and his friends are walking home Hyosuke is going on about how great Mizuho is and how school messes things up for them. He makes all the boys agree that she is great. Herikawa asks Kei what he thinks of Mizuho and he shrugs it off saying she pretty.

When Kei gets home he is examined by Minoru his uncle and is told that he just had a little stress. Minoru asks Kei about his new teacher and tells him he should bring her over sometime. His wife gets jealous and slaps him.

Kei goes up to his room and goes out to his balcony when he sees Mizuho next door struggling with some boxes. They introduce themselves and Kei offers to help her move the boxes.

As the move the last one inside Kei trips and falls on Mizuho he then falls unconscious. When he wakes up he is in Mizuho's lap. He tells her that he feels better like this. Mizuho asks Kei if he still remembers last night. Kei jumps up and runs out of the room, when he opens the door he is transported to a weird place. Mizuho appears behind him, she tells Kei that she can't allow him to tell anyone her secret. Kei promises he won't tell, but runs away. Kei finds a weird panel and presses a random button, he is transported t the control room where he sees a weird creature, scared he throws it across the room and Mizuho appears. The ship begins to rock and leaves the lake people in the area see it. Mizuho tells Marie to put the ship back to default. and it lands again but Kei is transported to a weird world, where a black whole appears and begins to suck everything in. Mizuho appears and tells Kei to hold on to her. She tells Marie to transport them and they land in Kei's bath tub where Minoru finds them.

End Credits.