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Hello and Welcome to my page !
Please use the two blue bubbles on the site to scroll and the links to navigate through this site.
Aqualine Reflections is an Anime Information site. Here I will be giving general information, character profiles and epsisode guides on new and old animes.
Please note that this site is under very heavy construction!


31/10/02 - All Character Guides UP! Happy Halloween minna!
26/09/02 - Both About and Links put up
23/09/02 - Onegai Epsiodes 3-6 Summaries up
17/09/02 - All Series Summaries up!
24/08/02 - Onegai Teacher Episode Guide put up
02/08/02 - Aqualine Relfections Opens! (hee hee just a working Title)


I'd like to thank Lycentia for donating this lovely layout, please visit her webpage for more Sailor Moon Graphic's and goodies. ^.^
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