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 Shindou Shuichi

Shuichi is the lead singer oh his band Bad Luck. He always very hyper and jumping around. His hero is the lead singer of Nittle Grasper Sakuma Ryuichi, Shuichi has even done his hair like Sakuma. When Shuichi firsts meets and falls for Yuki, he feels like their relationship is wrong because they are both men.


Hiro is Shuichi’s best friend and band mate. In Bad Luck he plays guitar and sings back up. Hiro unlike Shuichi is very down to earth; he sticks by Shuichi whenever he is down. Hiro develops feeling for Yuki’s fiancée Ayaka

 Eiri Yuki

Yuki is an ill-tempered, cigarette smoking romance novel author. He lives and prefers being alone. He first meets Shuichi by catching his song lyrics and insulting them. Yuki claims he has no feeling for Shuichi and will be with him just because he looks cute at times.

 Fujisaki Suguru

Suguru is the new keyboarder for Bad Luck; he doesn’t seem impressed with Shuichi’s wild ways and often complains that they should be working harder. He is also the company’s president’s Seguchi Tohma’s cousin.


K is Bad Luck’s manager. K is a wild guy carrying around a gun and threatening to shoot people is they don’t do what he says. K was formally Sakuma Ryuichi’s bodyguard.

 Seguchi Tohma

Tohma is the president of Shuichi’s record company and former band member of Nittle Grasper. Tohma also seems to know Yuki, and believes he knows what’s best for him.

 Sakuma Ryuichi

Ryuichi is just as crazy as Shuichi, if not, more so. Ryuichi was the lead singer for Nittle Grasper but now has his own solo career. Ryuichi’s most precious possession is his stuffed bunny rabbit: Kumagorou.