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 Awayuki Himeno

Himeno’s mother died when she was very young and her father recently married a rich widower now Himeno is living in a giant mansion and has two new stepsisters. Himeno has trouble adjusting to her new surroundings and finds herself isolated and alone. She is also the legendary Princess Pretear protector of the planets leafe. Himeno develops feelings for the leafe knight Hayate.

 Hayate - knight of sound

Hayate is a very cold character especially towards Himeno He is always fighting with Himeno and claims she is not fit to be Pretear. He also calls her Tulip Atama. During the day Hayate helps Himeno’s father around the yards.

 Sasame - knight of sound

Sasame is a quiet and wise knight and knows the most of Hayate’s past. He is very kind to Himeno and helps her adjust to being Pretear. During the day Sasame was a radio talk show where he answers letters and gives advice.

 Kei - knight of light

Kei is like the Sailor Mercury to Himeno’s Sailor Moon he pinpoints where the next mayouchuu attack will be. Kei seems to be very vain keeping pictures and key-chains of himself all around him. During the day Kei works with a computer.

 Goh - knight of fire

Goh can be very hot headed (appropriate for the knight of fire, ne ?) he is quick to jump into a fight and insists he is a part of everything to do with stopping fenrir. He is also the big brother to the younger knights, looking out for them. During the day Goh works as a chef/ waiter for a restaurant.

 Mannen - knight of ice

Mannen is the oldest of the three younger knights. He wants the others to treat him like an adult. But is often silenced by Goh. He can often be found with Himeno, Hajime and Shin.

 Hajime - knight of plants

 Shin - knight of plants

Shin is the youngest knight. He is too young for Himeno to even Pre with but creates a force field around a mayouchuu so that innocent people won’t be involved with their fight. Shin is absolutely adorable! He is the resident cute little boy of the knights.


Mawata is one of Himeno’s step-sisters, she is very quiet and always seems depressed. She is having trouble dealing with her fathers death and her new family. She sends post cards to Sasame’s radio show about her troubles, she rely’s on Sasame to keep her sane, and as a result develops feelings for him.


Mayune is Himeno’s other step sister. She hates is constantly trying to play practical jokes on Himeno but ends up having them back fire on her. Sadly Mayune tends to be the joke of this series.