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 Saotome Kazuya

Kazuya is a college engineering student who lives on his own. He constantly works on his robot Ikariya trying to make it as intelligent as May. Kazuya is also a bit ecchi.

 CBD May

May is a maid type cyberdoll. Though she is only 30cms tall she works her hardest to help Kazuya. May also develops feeling for Kazuya and can be very jealous of other girls around him.

 Tani Kasumi

Kasumi is the daughter of the landlord of the apartment complex where Kazuya lives. She is always climbing in trough Kazuya’s window to see what he is doing. How ever when she isn’t there she’s hitting up other tenants for their late rent money.

 CBD Rena

Rena is a cyberdoll sent to retrieve May for the Cyberdyne Co. but she quit so she could spend more time with Kazuya and Ikariya. She is very spoiled and if she does not get what she wants Rena will cry so loud and shrill people will do anything to make her stop. Rena lives with Kasumi.

 Kotaro Nanbara

Nanbara is Kazuya’s arch rival. He is the one who sent Kazuya the virus. Nanbara is a very over the top character always drawing attention to himself in some way. He teams up with Sara to get May. Nanbara’s goal is to out do Kazuya or at least make Kazuya miserable.

 CBD Sara

Sara is also sent by the Cyberdyne Co. to retrieve May. She teams with Nanbara to do so. Sara has a weakness for Ramen, she will forget about everything including her mission to eat some.

 CBD Kei

Kei is ANOTHER cyberdoll sent by Cyberdyne Co. to retrieve May. Kei is extremely intelligent and takes an interest in Kazuya’s robot Ikariya and his work.


Profile coming soon


Ikaryia is Kazuya’s robot. Kazuya will spend all waking hours trying to improve Ikariyas’s Artificial Intelligence.