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Suzuhara Misaki

Angel: Hikaru
Misaki is an 11-year-old who has just moved to Tokyo from a small town to live with her Aunt Shulko. Misaki learns about angelic layer from a mysterious man known as Icchan. Misaki is friends with Kotarou Tamoyo and Hatoko. She is an excellent cook and is known as "the miracle rookie" on the layer.

Kobayashi Hatoko

Angel: Suzuka
Hatoko is a kindergartener who loves angelic layer and is very good at it, she has trained her angel Suzuka to be the fastest and strongest. Many find it an honour to fight with her. She is Kotarou's sister and a good friend of Misaki's.

Kizaki Tamoyo

Tamoyo is a good friend on Misaki. She's even given Miasaki the nickname of Misakichi. She is also good friends with Kotarou, and will often tackle him. She is good at many types of martial arts. Tamoyo is always at Misaki's battles cheering her on.

Kobayashi Kotarou

Kotarou is another good friend of Misaki he is Hatoko's older brother. Kotarou knows a lot about angelic layer even though he doesn't have his own angel. Kotarou develops feelings for Misaki.


Icchan is the mysterious stranger who introduced Misaki to angelic layer. He seems to be some important figure within angelic layer itself. He sometimes can come across as a pervert, and is always punishing his employees in weird ways.

Mihara Ohjirou

Angel: Wizard
Ohjirou is often around Icchan. He is known as "the prince of the layer" because he won second place in last Angelic Layer tournament.Ohjirou becomes good friends with Misaki and later developes feeling for her.