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 Mikage Aya:

Aya is a sixteen year old girl and the re-incarnation of a Tennyo named Ceres. She had a twin bother Aki of whom she is very close. Aya is hiding from her family and hiding with Suzumi Aogiri another Tennyo.


The Tennyo spirit occupying Aya’s body. She comes out when ever she wants and looks like Aya except for her hair and eyes. She wishes to destroy the Mikage’s especially Aki whom she believes to be the man with her hagomoro.

 Mikage Aki:

Aki is Aya’s twin brother. He was chosen by his grandfather to be his successor. Ceres believes that Aki is the one that stole her hagomoro robe and wants to kill him. Tooya is his bodyguard.


Tooya works for the Mikages who promised to return his lost memories. Tooya is Aki’s bodyguard and develops feelings for Aya.

 Aogiri Yuuhi:

Yuuhi is Suzumi’s brother in law, he never got along with his father so he has always lived with Suzumi. He is an excellent cook and is Aya’s bodyguard. He develops feeling for Aya and swears that if Tooya ever breaks Aya’s heart Yuuhi will take her.

 Aogiri Suzumi:

Suzumi Is a descendant of a Tennyo. Her husband died shortly after they were married and now she lives with her brother in law. She took Aya in to save her from the Mikages.