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 Angel Tail Episode Guide

 Episode #1 The Unforgettable Relationship

The episode opens with Goro at a subway station watching his train leave, as we walks out of the station onto the street it begins to rain and he comments on how it's supposed to be sunny today. Goro starts running down the street but trips and falls face first onto the pavement he sits there under a balcony.
Suddenly he hears a voice telling him he is unlucky and we see a fortune teller beside him. She tells him that he is in a bad situation and knows things about him. Goro says that stuff like that happens to everyone, then decides to chance the rain.
As he leaves the fortune teller holds up a card and says you luck is about to change and flips the card revealing an angel
When Goro returns home he takes a shower leaving his cell phone on the table, it begins to play a song and a circular symbol apears on the screen.
When Goro comes back into the main room he is startled to find three cute girls sitting on his floor. They introduce themselves as Tsubasa, Ran and Kurumi Guarduan Angels here to help and take care of Goro. Goro freaks out and wakes up the next morning thinking it was a dream.
Goro has locked himself in the bathroom and the three girls are trying to coax him out by telling him they were originally animals.
Goro's phone rings and Tsubasa answers, Goro finally comes out of the bathroom. Tsubasa tells Goro that he has a job interview 2 o'clock
He leaves telling them to go home or at least leave until he returns home. They follow him to the interview. When the three girls go to cross the bridge Ran says that she hates water because of her previous animal life as a goldfish. Once while her master was on a trip the water pump broke and she drowned. The others give her support to cross the bridge. Kurumi sees Goro in an elevator, they follow him and we find out that Tsubasa is afraid of heights because in her previous lofe as a parakeet she once tried to fly with a broken wing to show to her master and fell to her death.
Kurumi gets off the elevator and runs around the mall. Goro leaves a store saying that he will start work tomorrow and meet up with Tsubasa and Ran. Goro's new employer finds Kurumi stealing food and he loses his job. In a previous life Kurumi was a hamster she escaped one day and went for a walk but she got lost and very hungry. So now when she's scared she's hungry. Ran tells them they should go apologize to Goro. They decide to go.
Goro is playing a song on the harmonica when the three girls hear the recognize it as a song their master always used to play. They realize that Goro is thier master from when they were animals. They tell Goro that he is their master but he does not believe them. To try and make him remember they each hum the soong he was playing on the harmonica. Goro suddenly realizes that it is them and ask them to promise not to dissapear without saying anything again!