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 Goro Mitsumi

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Ran was Goro’s pet goldfish. She dies while Goro was away on vacation and his water pump broke, because of this Ran is terrified of water. Though all the girls love Goro she seems to love him more so.


Tsubasa was Goro’s parakeet. She is one of the first three guardian angles to come to Goro. Tsubasa died of a broken wing and is terrified of heights.


Kurumi was Goro’s hamster. Once Kurumi got out of her cage and got lost. Now whenever Kurumi is scared she eats.


Mika was Goro’s pet rabbit she the most competitive angles for Goro’s affections. Mika is very outgoing and hyper the only person she’ll listen to is Ayumi


Nana was Goro’s pet puppy. She is very hyper and loves walks with her master. She is one of the younger angles.


Yuki is one of the oldest animals everyone looks up to her for advice. She was a snake at Goro’s family’s shrine. Yuki often disappears for long periods of time.


Momo was a monkey is her previous life, and like a monkey she is shy and curious. Momo is one of the younger angels.


Was Goro’s pet turtle in her previous life, she is very much like the turtle in the fable of the tortoise and the hare: slow and steady wins the race. Like the fable her and Mika don’t get along well.


Was Goro’s pet cat, she is very competitive for his affections. When she first came from the maid world, she used her powers to save Goro from a oncoming truck.


Was a fox in her previous life. She died after being hunted down by dogs and their masters, because of this she at first doesn’t get along with Nana.


Profile coming Soon