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 Aqualine Reflections

Aqualine Reflection was concieved when I thought of making a website with information on newer/not widley known anime series. So that the anime watching community could determine wether they'd like a series enough to download or buy it. Though the amount of series is small now, I hope to expand the site and include series reviews, fan works, and image galleries.

 Kotone (webmistress)

Name: Heather
Age: 16
Location: Canada
Fave Series: Onegai Teacher and Kogepan

Heather has been an anime fan since she was 11 years old and first saw Sailor Moon. Up until two years ago her main means of seing anime was the dubbed series here in Canada. Until.... she was introduced to Streamload, HjSplit and Direct Downloading for 56kers. Aqualine Relfections is one of her first webpages that have made it past the crappy, nothing done stages. Heather is still a newbie to HTML but working on this site has been good practice.